Non-Degree Program

The Non-degree Part-time MBA program allows prospective students to begin taking MBA courses before becoming matriculated. As a Non-Degree student you can take up to two MBA courses. These courses will count towards your MBA degree once you are accepted as long as you receive a grade of “B” or better.

Benefits of the Non-degree Program

  • If you have a low GPA this is a good way to prove to the Admissions Committee that you can handle the course load of the MBA Program.
  • It allows you to begin taking courses while preparing for the GMAT.
  • It allows you to get a good feel for what MBA courses are going to be like once you are accepted into the program.
  • Doing well in a non-degree course can improve your chances of becoming accepted to the Part-time MBA program.

Courses Available

Non-degree students can take up to two MBA courses.

The following courses Available to Non-degree Students:

  • ACCT 5121- Financial Accounting & Reporting
  • BLAW 5175- Business, Law & Ethics
  • FNCE 5151- Intro to Economic Markets (Calculus)
  • MGMT 5138- Managing Organizations
  • MGMT 5650- Managerial Communications
  • MKTG 5115- Marketing Management
  • OPIM 5103- Managerial Statistics (Calculus)
  • OPIM 5165- Management Information Systems

For current lists of which courses are available by semester and campus, see the Part-time MBA Curriculum page.


The Non-degree application process is simple, and it also allows you to select the courses you are interested in taking.

Course Registration for Current Students

Current students in the non-degree program do not have to fill out another online application. Instead, they must fill out an online course enrollment form.

As a Non-degree student you will not be able to add or drop yourself from courses. All of your drop requests must be emailed to the MBA office before the add/drop date.