Convenience and flexibility are fundamental features of UConn’s MBA Program curriculum structure allowing students to design individualized programs to suit their personal and professional needs. MBA courses are delivered in Hartford, Stamford and Waterbury all year long and are generally offered evenings, weekends and in a variety of blended formats.

Though the program is designed with part-time students in mind, accommodating the various obligations of working professionals, individuals may take more than one or two courses during a semester. Ultimately, UConn MBA students move through the program at a pace that is comfortable for them. It is also possible to take a semester or two off and remain matriculated by paying a small continuous registration fee. Some students finish the program in fewer than three years while others take five or more years to complete it.

A unique feature of UConn’s curriculum is the ability to develop more than one area of concentration. A minimum of two electives comprises an area of concentration; however, some concentrations will require more than two electives or require specific classes in that area of concentration. Please contact the MBA office for more information.