Accounting Course Descriptions

ACCT 5121 – Financial Accounting & Reporting

Accounting is an information system. This course is designed to introduce students to accounting concepts essential to the preparation and interpretation of financial statements issued to management and to external users such as stockholders and creditors. While appropriate consideration is given to procedural aspects of accounting, more emphasis is placed on understanding the conceptual bases of generally accepted accounting principles and the effects of using alternative accounting methods on financial statements.

ACCT 5123 – Cost Analysis & Control

Internally, managers need timely information in order to plan and control operations. This course focuses on managerial uses of accounting information for decision-making within the business enterprise. Decisions considered include product pricing, transfer pricing, make or buy, and capital budgeting. Formation of budgets establishing an internal control structure, performance evaluation, and cost control techniques are also discussed. Prerequisite: ACCT 5121

ACCT 5327 – Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation

Addresses the use of financial statements to analyze and value firms. Topics include advanced issues in accounting, earnings quality, performance measurement, cash flows, and accounting-based valuation and trading strategies. Prerequisite: ACCT 5121

ACCT 5894 – Management Controls

Management Controls will explore the critical decisions made in using accounting related controls, such as choices of responsibility structures, performance measures, standards, and the “internal controls” that help ensure measurement reliability. Elements of management control systems include strategic planning, budgeting, resource allocation, and transfer pricing. It is a case-based course that exposes students to controls in manufacturing organizations, entrepreneurial companies, large corporations, the service industry, and nonprofit organizations in both domestic and international settings.