Concentrations and Electives

Elective Requirements

Students must complete 21 credits (7 courses) of graduate level electives. One of the elective courses must be an international business course.  International business courses are any graduate (5000 level or above) business elective courses with “international” or “global” in the title or a designated international travel course.


Part-time MBA students may take electives in any of the following areas to develop a concentration. Students must take the requisite number of graduate (5000-level and above) credits listed below to fulfill each concentration.

As of Fall 2022

Business Analytics: STEM Designated

12 graduate level OPIM elective credits


  • OPIM 5603 - Statistics in Business Analytics
  • OPIM 5604 - Predictive Modeling
  • OPIM 5272 - Data Management and Business Process Modeling

Choose one of the following:

  • OPIM 5501 - Visual Analytics
  • OPIM 5502 - Big Data Analytics with Hadoop
  • OPIM 5504 - Adaptive Business Intelligence
  • OPIM 5505 - Analytical Consulting for Financial Services
  • OPIM 5641 - Business Decision Modeling
  • OPIM 5671 - Data Mining and Business Intelligence

*If a student has a concentration in Business Analytics and successfully completes OPIM 5272 and OPIM 5603, then BADM 5103 is waived and substituted with an elective course.

OPIM Graduate Courses

Business Ethics and Compliance

Nine elective credits of graduate (5000 level and above) BLAW courses, one of which must be BLAW 5750.


  • BLAW 5750 – Ethics and Compliance in the Global Organization

Choose from graduate-level BLAW electives to fulfill remaining credit requirements:

BLAW Graduate Courses

Digital Marketing Strategy: STEM Designated

12 graduate level MKTG elective credits


  • MKTG 5251 – Marketing and Digital Analytics
  • MKTG 5665 –  Digital Marketing

Two additional graduate level MKTG electives

MKTG Graduate Courses

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Nine graduate-level credits from the following list:

  • BADM 5310 – Experiential Learning Collaborative Project
  • FNCE 5894 – when offered as "Entrepreneurial Finance" for three credits
  • MENT 5223 – Managing Innovation and Change
  • MENT 5335 – Venture Planning, Management, and Growth
  • MENT 5634 – Opportunity Generation, Assessment, and Promotion
  • MKTG 5230 – New Product and Service Innovation Management

BADM Graduate Courses
FNCE Graduate Courses
MENT Graduate Courses
MKTG Graduate Courses

Finance: STEM Designated

12 graduate level FNCE elective credits

FNCE Graduate Courses

Health Care

9 graduate level HCMI elective credits

HCMI Graduate Courses


International Business

9 graduate level elective credits with "international" or "global" in the titles or designated international travel courses

Please direct any questions about whether a class satisfies the International concentration to your Program Advisor.


12 graduate level MENT elective credits

MENT Graduate Courses

Real Estate

9 graduate level FNCE elective credits with real estate designations in the titles

FNCE Graduate Courses

Students who were matriculated before Fall 2018 will follow the electives outlined in the previous plan of study unless otherwise discussed with a PMBA Advisor.