Core Classes

Pre-requisites to Courses

It is the Student’s responsibility to have the proper pre-requisites to courses; they are listed in the MBA Brochure and on the course schedule. MGMT 5800: Strategy, Policy and Planning should be taken as part of your last 12 credits.

Core Requirements

ACCT 5121 Financial Accounting and Reporting
ACCT 5123 Cost Analysis and Control
Pre-requisite: ACCT 5121
BLAW 5175 Business, Law, and Ethics in Modern Society
FNCE 5101 Financial Management
Pre-requisite: ACCT 5121 and OPIM 5103
FNCE 5151 Introduction to Economics, Financial Markets, and Information*
Pre-requisite: college-level statistics or OPIM 5103
MGMT 5138 Managing Organizations
MGMT 5800 Strategy, Policy, and Planning
Capstone; taken at the end of the MBA Program
MKTG 5115 Marketing Management
OPIM 5103 Managerial Statistics
OPIM 5110 Operations Management
Pre-requisite: OPIM 5103
OPIM 5165 Management Information Systems

Total Core Requirements = 33 credits