Health Care Management Course Descriptions

HSMG 5240 – Health Care Organization and Management

This course examines the nation’s health care delivery system with overviews provided for each major sector of the health economy. The basic tools of economics and finance are employed to gain critical insights into the structure, conduct and performance of each of these sectors. This course is designed to accommodate both health care professionals and individuals from other business areas interested in learning more about the health care industry.

HSMG 5243 – Health Care Economics

This course demonstrates how various economic theories can be used to think about health care issues and takes a macro or industry perspective of various health care problems and policy questions. Students are provided with a set of economic tools to evaluate a theoretical or empirical argument relating to health or medical care. The course culminates with an in-depth analysis of the structure, conduct, and performance of the markets for medical insurance, physician services, hospital services, pharmaceutical products, and long-term care. Health care reform is also discussed. Prerequisite: FNCE 5101 and HSMG 5240.

HSMG 5544 – Competitive Strategies for Health Care Organizations

This course focuses on the microeconomic organization of health care business units and analyzes various issues central to the individual firm’s short-term and long-term competitive success. Competitive strategies pertaining to various types of health care organizations such as physician practices, hospitals, health-maintenance organizations, and pharmaceutical companies are explored using a wide variety of business tools and methods. Efficient market theory, industry analysis, the boundaries of the firm, principal and agent problems, incentive mechanisms, mergers and acquisitions, the development and sustainability of competitive advantage, and competitive pricing are some of the general topics discussed in the context of the health care sector. Prerequisite: HSMG 5243 or consent of the instructor.

HSMG 5686 – Health Insurance and Risk Management

This course examines health insurance choices from the perspective of individuals, employers, and insurers. A portfolio perspective for individual choices is taken. Other topics include: health insurance loss and contingency distributions; health insurance loss reserving; pricing (rate-setting) for health insurance products; LTC insurance; health insurer risk management; health reinsurance structures; health insurance derivatives. Prerequisite: FNCE 5101 and FNCE 5151

HSMG 5891 – Health Care Internship

Under the guidance of a qualified preceptor, students are provided opportunities to study and analyze an organization’s characteristics, functions, goals, strategies, and decision-making processes. Managerial skill is developed through the performance of administrative tasks and through participation in problem-solving processes. A research paper is required.

HSMG 5894 – Entrepreneurship in Healthcare: Markets & Opportunities

The health care field is transforming into a more market-focused environment. To succeed in this market, individuals will need to recognize, act and capitalize on innovative market opportunities, as well as understand the dynamics associated with entrepreneurial enterprise. This course will focus on understanding and evaluating new market opportunities as well as the issues surrounding transforming an innovative idea into a funded venture. Topics and issues addressed include conceptualization, planning, diligence, capitalization, launch and management of proposed ventures within the framework of the expansive health care market.

HSMG 5894 – Seminar

Investigation and discussion of special topics in health care management.

HSMG 5894 – Special Topics in Health Care Management

Independent study. Faculty-student interaction on a one-to-one basis involving independent study of specific areas of health care management. Emphasis, selected by the student, may be on theoretical or applied aspects. A written report is required.