Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below provide answers to most of the common questions that we receive about the Part-Time MBA Program. If you don't see your questions asked here, please reach out to and we will get back to you soon.


What is the average amount of work experience PMBA students have?
The average amount of work experience that PMBA students enter into the program with is about 8 years. However, we have current students with work experience ranging from 2-30 years.

When are classes typically offered?
Our program is designed for working professionals. Therefore, all of our classes are offered in the evening during the week and on Saturdays.

How many students are in the program?
There are close to 800 active PMBA students split between our three campuses:

  • Hartford ~ 400
  • Stamford ~ 250
  • Waterbury ~ 125

How much work outside of the classroom is necessary each week?
It will really depend on each individual student and the specific course, since every student has different strengths. An estimate we can provide as a loose guideline is that for every hour spent in the classroom a week, you should dedicate the same amount of time to work outside of the classroom each week. (ex: 3 hours in the class per week = 3 hours of work required outside of the classroom each week)

How long does it usually take to complete the program?
While we allow up to 6 years to complete the program, most students complete the program in about 3-3.5 years. It really depends on the individual and what their schedule allows.

Since it is a Part-Time MBA program, is there a max number of classes I can take each semester?
Our Part-Time MBA program is built on a foundation of flexibility and personalization, which means students are able to complete the program at their own pace. If you are interested in attending full-time (9+ credits per semester), that is fine. We recommend students start with 1-2 courses (3-6 credits) for their first semester, to gauge the workload and manage their work/life balance.

Are international students eligible for the Part-Time MBA program?
The University of Connecticut does not issue a Form I-20 for part-time study. Part-Time MBA applicants therefore do not qualify for the F-1 student visa through UConn sponsorship. If you are already in the U.S. on a visa, you are responsible to ensure that taking classes will not violate the terms of your visa status. The University cannot determine this for you.

What is the average age of students in the program?
The average age of our students is about 30, but we have students ranging from 22-60 years old.

Am I able to take a class at another campus that is not my primary campus?
Yes, PMBA students can take classes at our Hartford, Stamford or Waterbury campuses. Please keep in mind that classes offered in Waterbury give priority registration to students in the PMBA Waterbury cohort.


When can applicants usually expect to hear back from admissions following the application submission?
We strive to release admission decisions within 1-2 weeks of receiving the completed application and all required materials.

How are students notified of their decision?
We release notification of admission decisions via email, and you can view your decision letter via your applicant status portal.

What semester(s) are available to apply for?
If you are interested in our Hartford or Stamford campus, you can apply to start the program in the fall, spring or summer. If you are interested in attending our Waterbury campus, the cohort only accepts new students for the fall semester.

Is there an application deadline?
Yes, we have specific deadlines for each application cycle every year. Please be sure to verify the deadline for the semester you are applying for -

Is there a GPA requirement?
We look for at least a 3.0 GPA from your previous studies. If you fall below this GPA, please contact one of our Admissions Counselors to discuss your specific options.

Is there a minimum work experience requirement?
We require at least 2 years of professional work experience. If you do not meet this minimum requirement, please contact one of our Admissions Counselors to discuss your specific options.

Are there dual degree options available?
Yes, we offer dual degree/credit share options in conjunction with a few different programs. You must submit separate applications and be admitted into each program in order to use the credit share program. Your admission decisions for each program are mutually exclusive. You can visit our dual degree page to learn more about the available programs and details -

Academic Requirements

Do students intern while pursuing their degree?
Most of our students are full-time working professionals, so many do not intern, nor do the courses within the PMBA curriculum incorporate internships for credit. However, if a student would like to organize an internship independently, they may do so.

While we do not have a required internship component, we do have PMBA-designated Career Counselors who can assist you with your independently organized internship/job search and preparation.

How many courses are required to graduate?
The degree requires a total of 19 courses, 12 of which are core classes and 7 of which are elective classes.

Is there a maximum time limit to complete the program?
Yes, you must complete the program within 10 years total. This includes if you start as a non-degree student, and/or you take any gap years.

Where can I see the current course offerings?
Our class schedules can be found here:

Can any two concentration areas be combined?
It depends on which two concentrations you are thinking of pairing, since each concentration has different credit requirements. You can view our concentrations in more detail here:

Are there any prerequisite courses for the PMBA program?
We do not require any additional prerequisite courses. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate students from all different educational backgrounds.


What type of recommendation letters are accepted? From professors, business professionals, employers, etc.?
All of the above. We typically encourage at least one of the letters to be from a current or previous direct supervisor/manager. The second letter can be your choice of professor, business professional, employer, mentor, etc.

Can I upload copies of my letters of recommendation?
When you are completing the application, you will be prompted to enter the information of your recommenders, including email addresses. Once your recommenders are added, they will receive an email with a personalized link to securely upload their recommendation. You should not upload any letters of recommendation yourself.

Is the GMAT/GRE required?
The GMAT/GRE is not required for the PMBA program. However, if you find that submitting GMAT/GRE scores will help to strengthen your application, you’re welcome to send in scores, but we find that a very small amount of applicants choose to do so.

What is the average GMAT score, if submitted?
On average, our students score a 570.

Do I need my official transcript for the application?
No, for the application we only need an unofficial copy of your transcript to be uploaded to your online application. If you are admitted, we will then need your official transcript sent directly to us from your previous institution(s). (Please note that UConn undergraduates will not be required to send in their official transcripts upon matriculation, but will still be required to send their unofficial transcripts at the time of application).

What documents do I need to submit with my application?
You will need to complete an online application and upload your unofficial transcript(s), resume, two personal essays, and two letters of recommendation.

Is the TOEFL/IELTS/PTE required?
If you are not a native speaker of English, you may be required to submit evidence of your proficiency in the English language. Please visit the Graduate School website where the policy is outlined in more detail -

What if I am not sure which concentration I want to pursue?
You must select a concentration when completing the application, in order to be able to submit, but you are not locked into this selection. Please note, you can always speak with your Academic Advisor about other available concentrations and make a change. We recommend that you decide on a concentration early on in the program, so you can take the correct elective courses needed.

Do I have to complete the application in one sitting?
You will have a login so you can access the application and complete it at your own pace. Just make sure your completed application is submitted before the deadline.


Are non-degree students eligible for financial aid?
No, only matriculated students in degree-seeking programs are eligible to be considered for financial aid.

How many courses can I take as a non-degree student?
You can take up to four courses before you will need to apply and be admitted as a degree-seeking student in order to continue taking classes.

Is there a maximum amount of courses I can take per semester?
You can take up to two courses (6 credits) per semester (fall and spring). You can take a max of one course (3 credits) per summer session. Please note, non-degree students are not eligible to take courses during the winter and May intersessions.

Can a non-degree student take any courses from the PMBA curriculum?
No, there are six courses that are available to non-degree students:

  • ACCT 5121 – Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • BADM 5103 – Managerial Statistics and Spreadsheet Modeling
  • BLAW 5175 – Business, Law, & Ethics in Modern Society
  • FNCE 5151 – Introduction to Economic Markets
  • MGMT 5138 – Managing Organizations
  • MKTG 5115 – Marketing Management

What materials do I need to submit in order to apply?
You must submit an online non-degree application and upload your unofficial transcript and resume.

Do I need to pay an application fee for the non-degree program?
There is no application fee for non-degree students.

Will my completed non-degree credits transfer over if/when I am admitted into the degree-seeking PMBA program?
These courses will be reviewed to count towards your MBA degree once you are accepted, as long as you receive a grade of “B-” or better and the courses are within the 10-year program completion timeframe.

Are my completed non-degree classes considered in the 10-year program completion time limit?
Yes, all courses, including non-degree, must be completed within 10 years in order to be applied towards your degree requirements/program completion.

What is the non-degree deadline?
While there is no set deadline like our degree-seeking program, your application must be received before the start of the semester. We recommend submitting an application as early as you can, as classes tend to fill up as the semester approaches.

Cost and Fees

Is there a cost differential between in-state and out-of-state tuition?
There is no difference in Part-Time MBA tuition based on residency.

Is there a cost differential if I take winter or summer courses?
No, all semesters/sessions carry the same per credit tuition cost.

Does tuition need to be paid fully upfront?
Our tuition is set up on a per credit basis. Therefore, you will pay tuition each semester based on the number of credits you are taking that specific semester. Payment plans are available for the fall and spring semesters. You can learn more about payment plan options here:

Do non-degree courses cost the same as regular PMBA courses?
Yes, the non-degree courses are actually the same courses as our degree-seeking PMBA program courses. Therefore, the tuition is the same.

Is financial aid available?
Financial aid may be available to matriculated students in the degree-seeking program. It depends on your specific situation, so it is best to contact the Financial Aid office directly. You can visit their website for more information: or contact them directly at

Are there military/Veterans benefits available?
Yes - To see if you qualify for the Veterans waivers and/or benefits, please contact UConn's Veterans Affairs and Military Programs. Our specific PMBA contact in the Veterans Affairs and Military Programs office is Rob Passmore (

Is there an application fee?
Yes, there is a $75 non-refundable application fee required for submission.

Are there application fee waivers?
Please see the Graduate School website for a complete list and instructions for applying for a waiver.

Are scholarships available?
We do not offer any scholarships for new incoming students. However, once you are a current student in the program, you will be notified of any scholarships that become available and you can apply for the individual awards.

Is a tuition deposit required?
No tuition deposit is required, but you must formally accept your offer of admission by the deadline indicated in your offer letter in order to enroll in courses.